Great Britain will officially exit from the European Union in March 2019 and Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop wants the UK to sign a free trade agreement with Australia. She said that if the Uk agrees to enter the free trade agreement, Australia will support the country for entering Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact. There 12 member nations in the pact with Australia being the strongest of all. However, it isn’t that only Australia is giving. Joining the trade pact will further enhance its world position since the UK is a global economy. The benefits are unlimited, and even the United Kingdom is certain about it. In return, Bishop wants the UK to start something similar to the E3 visa, which the US has for Australia. It is to ensure that trade and business occur smoothly between the two countries. Bishop said that post-Brexit, Australia certainly wants greater access to Great Britain. Australia wants to put the past behind and enter a trade agreement with the United Kingdom. When Great Britain joined the European Union in 1973, Australia suffered a lot but instead got great learning, stabilized its economy, to become one of the most developed countries in the world. Bishop said that she is no one to advise Boris Johnson, UK Foreign Secretary, about how to run the government, but requested him to consider joining the trade agreement strongly.

Leaving the trade pact

Barack Obama, former US president, was an avid lover of the trade pact and even entered it during his tenure. But as soon as Donald Trump, the current US president, took over the office, one of the first things he did was exit the US from the trade agreement because he thought it was senseless and too far away from the country. It means, if the UK decides to join, it will get a lot of power over the pact.

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