There’s a new office where foreign nationals can go to apply for Turkish visas. Turkey opened its latest visa office in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. Cagatay Erciyes, Turkey’s Ambassador to Lebanon and Ali Iski, office director attended the inauguration ceremony. Iski said that the new office specially opened for Palestinian and Syrian refugees. All foreign nationals in Lebanon can use this unique visa facility for processing visa or any other help. First of all, You need to take an appointment through the embassy’s website and then go with all the required documents for processing visa. Whatever may be the result is, the candidate will be informed within seven working days. The new office was opened to speed up Turkish embassy’s work. The embassy will process as much as 100 visa applications now from the count of 20 earlier. Currently, as per reliable sources, there are more than 1.5 million Syrian refugees are residing in Lebanon. Turkey is one of the most comfortable places for them to go. But because the embassy could only handle 20 visa applications per day earlier, the process was too slow, and the refugees had to stay in restricted conditions in Lebanon. The request to increase operations put in last year and both the governments understood the need for the situation. It is because of their friendly relationships; this deal was possible in such short time.

2010 visa agreement

As per their visa agreement in 2010, Turkey and Lebanon allow visa-free travel for citizens of the other country. Turkey is a beautiful country and is a favorite spot for Lebanese tourist since they don’t have to pay for the visa, which saves up a lot of money. Middle East Airlines operates two flights every day from Beirut to Istanbul and three flights back. Turkey is a naturally beautiful country and one of the most exotic locations in the Middle East.

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