A lot of talks have been going around about the Canadian start-up visas and how it has encouraged entrepreneurs to live their dream and become permanent resident’s dream at the same time. That reminds us that the American startup program isn’t quite popular, such that only 10 foreign entrepreneurs made it to the US during Obama era when the government was supposed to attract thousands of them. The reason why the program didn’t kick off was that it started just before Obama’s term ended and Trump isn’t the best when it comes to immigration. The US president only has one agenda on the mind, and that is tightening immigration rules and ending all pro-immigration policies started by former President Obama. This isn’t where it ends because Homeland Security has delayed twice the program’s implementation but had to agree to keep the application window open after venture capitalists won the case in December, as they undoubtedly want entrepreneurs to spend five years in the US to work and grow their business. Michael Kratsios, a former employee of Peter Thiel and technical advisor to Donald Trump, said that Trump will be joining policy and economic advisers at a summit in Washington in June 2018 and is organized by VC trade group. More than 100 venture firms will be present at the event, where the startup program will be the main top of the discussion. Bobby Franklin, president, VC trade group, said that they’ve been meeting several groups within the White House over the past two weeks.

Immigrant entrepreneurs and CEOs

Even though Trump is against immigration, immigrants have led to finding some of the most famous American companies including Tesla, Google, and Intel Corp. Back in 1996, the United States started received around 90 percent of venture capital internationally. If not the US, Canada, which is building its own little Silicon Valley, will succeed in the start-up scene.

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