Kiran Bala, who now goes by the Amna Bibi, after marrying a man from Pakistan and converting to Islam will most likely be getting a visa extension from India’s neighboring country. Bibi is married to Mohammad Azam, who is trying everything to make sure that his wife never has to leave the country. The Indian woman has already filed two applications in the Lahore High Court and requesting Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs to extend the visa duration by six months and grant her Pakistani citizenship at the same time. Unfortunately, Lahore High Court only granted her a one-month visa extension. Since the case isn’t a domain of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it has been forwarded to Federal Ministry of Interior who is currently examining the application and verifying the documents attached to it. According to Pakistan’s constitution, Bibi will get Pakistani citizenship only if she gets a visa extension of six months. But then comes the treaty signed by India and Pakistan, which says that nationals of either country can gain citizenship only after living in the country for seven years. How she ended up as Amina Bibi It means that Bibi will have to renew her visa for every six months until the next seven years to get her Pakistani citizenship. Bibi’s life in Pakistan will be examined every six months before giving her an extension. Before getting married, Bili, formerly known as Kiran Bala, left Punjab with the group Shirmoni Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee on April 12, 2018. She visited the Visited Nankana Sahib on April 14, 2018, and disappeared on April 16. The following day, a video clip of her getting married appeared online, which is also, shows the nikaah document with her name written as Amina. Kiran is a widow and mother of three and left India for visiting Nankana Sahib in Pakistan on Baisakhi. She went there to convert to Islam and become Amina Bibi.

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