Officials from Belarus and Russia will meet in March to discuss a mutual visa agreement between the two countries. The two had met earlier for discussions on February 15 but decided to leave the drafting in the next meeting. A diplomat from Belarus confirmed it. Alexei Begun, foreign minister of Belarus, said that some issues emerged during the February 15 discussion that were remaining to discuss and is why the two parties decided to take some time off before getting back to work. Even a joint working group was formed to dissolve the issues as Russia and Belarus want to enter the mutual visa agreement by the end of first quarter on March 30. Russia will be hosting the FIFA World Cup this year and wants to wrap up all documentation before that to focus on the games. Alexander Surikov, the Russian ambassador to Belarus, said that the agreement will be signed by April or May by the two countries. One of the main issues the agreement focuses on the problems related to the five-day visa-free stay program initiated by the Belarusian government for international tourists.

Visiting Belarus and Russia

Russia and Belarus together form the Union State and have strong economic and political relationship. The Union State was formed in 1996 and a treaty - Treaty on Equal Rights of Citizens between Belarus and Russia, was signed in 1998 allowing access to education and medical care between the two countries. Best places to visit in Belarus are Brest Fortress, Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum, Old Grodno Castle, Nesvizh Castle, and Rumyantsev-Paskevich Residence. The food is very simple with a focus on light flavor. Some traditional food dishes to try in Belarus are vereshchaka, draniki, kletski, babka, and cold sorrel soup. If you are planning to visit Belarus then simultaneously plan to visit Russia because it is easier to travel.

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