Even though the immigration scene isn’t going that strong in the US, a study revealed that whites feel welcomed when countries they go to have immigrant-friendly policies. Only the white conservatives have opposite feelings. This research was focused more on the Arizona and New Mexico area. Both these states have very different policies towards immigration. In Arizona, the cops can randomly ask people about their immigration status. It got a cop named Joe Arpaio in trouble with the state court after he was aggressive to pursue the policy. On the other hand, New Mexico is doing great at immigration. They have provided immigrants with IDs and also help in tuition fees irrespective of their immigration status. In the survey, the researchers interviewed over 2,000 immigrants, naturalized US citizens, and US-born. It was a phone-based survey in which they were given examples of anti-immigration and pro-immigration laws and were asked which one they would prefer. They also asked if they would prefer staying in that state or move to the one with better policy. One of the most significant findings of the research was that it didn’t matter to the people in which state they currently reside in. Foreign-born Hispanics were against the anti-immigration policies. Hispanics born in the US had similar opinions. Liberal whites favored the pro-immigration policies too. Caucasians too picked immigrant-friendly policies as they feel at home. It clearly shows that everyone values cultural interactions and want to coexist in peace.

White conservatives

The only group to support anti-immigration policy was the White conservatives. They found the immigrant-friendly community as hostile. This team is a minority, and the response can be because of their shrinking size. But still, they are an essential group and handling them better will impact the current way the US has formed its policies and keep the society from functioning.

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