Ahsan Khan, the 10th standard student from Pakistan, was granted medical visa by the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan for a heart surgery in India. Along with Khan, three of his relatives were granted visitor visa to accompany him. Khan had been waiting for over a year for the medical visa. In the last week, Khan’s father, Mohsin Khan, received a call from the Indian High Commission informing him that his son’s visa was approved. He thanked the human rights activist group who helped him with the approval process and never gave up on hope. The process yet not over but will be after they complete the remaining formalities. Kamalia Press Club is the human rights activist group that helped him convey his need to the Indian High Commission and urgency of the situation. The approval comes last than a week after Mohsin talked to a local Pakistani news channel about the necessary delay by the Indian government for granting his son the medical visa. His son suffered from a heart failure in 2017, and even though he was treated in Pakistan, lack of advanced medical facilities forced him to apply for the Indian medical visa for his son’s better treatment. Mohsin will be arranging all necessary finances required for his son’s medical treatment. During his talk with the news agency, Mohsin said that he has applied for his son’s medical visa on January 22, 2017. He said that his son is going through a critical situation because his heart can stop working at any time. Granting medical visas Ever since India started the medical visas, neighboring countries including Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have been coming for medical treatments. The visa program was launched to help neighboring nationalities come to India for the medical procedure within a few days, whereas, it is taking more than a year.

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