In a heartbreaking video addressed to Sushma Swaraj, an Indian woman living in Pakistan requests the government to grant her Indian visitor visa to visit her ailing father in Delhi. Gouhar Khan, 38-years old, is originally from Uttar Pradesh but her marriage took her to Pakistan. Her husband is a businessman and had to move to Pakistan for work, and she went along with him as any wife would. Her in-laws stay in Jamnaka city of Aligarh, meaning they are Indian too. Gouhar sent a video message through Whatsapp to her sister, Ashna Khan, who lives in Madhya Pradesh. In the video message, Gouhar can be seen saying that she is a daughter of India, it is her country, and she wants to visit it. All the documents are ready, but the Indian High Commission has rejected every application of her. She has visited India only thrice since she got married in 1998. Gouhar said that she is born and brought up and completed her education in India too. Ashna Khan, her sister, said that her parents have ten siblings but all of them live in India except Gouhar. Her father currently is in Delhi with her elder brother. He also tried applying for Gouhar’s visa, but that didn’t work either. Ashna said that her father is due for a throat surgery but keeps saying that he wants to see Gouhar, whom he hasn’t seen for the past 11 years.

Hope Sushma Swaraj listens to her request

Sushma Swaraj has always worked with a kind heart and heard the genuine request by everyone. We hope that Gouhar Khan is heard by her so that she gets to her father before the surgery. In the past, Swaraj has handled medical emergencies with great care, for example, she fastened the visa processing of a 10-year old and his father since the boy had an eye replacement scheduled in New Delhi.

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