The UAE passport is one of the strongest passports in the world. According to the Emirati constitution, permanent residents of the country can acquire the UAE passport as their second passport. To enjoy the travel rights that the UAE government offers, many residents are now seeking the UAE passport, especially the Syrians residing there. Syrian citizens are banned from countries like the US and European Union nations since they overstay and life as illegal immigrants. Citizenship Invest, a company based in Dubai, said that the most number of applications for a second passport is from Iran, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, and Iraq. So what are second passports and how can one obtain them? One way is by becoming a resident of a citizen of UAE through employment and other is by investing large sums in Emirati business and getting residency within six months. The applicant needs to invest anywhere between Dh360,000 to five million. The perks are unlimited including visa-free travel, business interests, double tax agreements, better security for the family, and many more. Syrians applying for the programme has increased by 20 percent in 2017 as compared to 2016. 17 percent more Lebanese applied in 2017, 10 percent more applications from Iraqis, and nine percent more Palestinians applied in 2017 compared to 2016. According to Citizenship Invest, 57 percent of those you applied in the first few weeks of 2018 are family wanting to start new citizenship in the UAE.

Doesn’t require living in the UAE

One doesn’t need to live in the UAE for six months before getting the passport but can live in their own country and enjoy privileges that an Emirati gets. So, they don’t need to disrupt their lives and businesses back home. A recent change in the legislature reduced the application fees by almost 50 percent, thereby increasing the number of applications.

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