Japan has one of the fastest growing technologies across the globe, but the country is suffering from a major labor shortage. So according to Shigeki Maeda, executive vice president, Japan External Trade Organisation, Japan will be bringing 200,000 Indian techies to work for Japanese firms and also issuing them green cards. During his keynote address at the India-Japan Business Partnership Seminar, Maeda said that there are 920,000 Indian working in Japan currently and there is an urgent requirement of 200,000 Indian techies, which is likely to grow to 800,000 by 2030. Japan is in search of people with most-advanced IT technology capabilities, someone who can keep with the constant growing technology and adopts emerging technologies. Japan is looking for IT professionals in finance, life science, agriculture, and service sectors. The Southeast Asian country is more interested in finding techies from Hyderabad rather than Bangalore because many foreign companies have offices there because Maeda strongly believes that Indian techies can solve every problem from healthcare to agriculture. These IT professionals will be issued Japanese green cards within a year making it the fastest approving permanent residency path in the world. If they have all required skills, the employees don’t even need to show their employment certificate and letters of explanation for entering Japan. The applicant needs to produce only three documents, but if he has visited Japan at least once in his life, he only needs to submit his passport copy and visa application.

Crossing heads with the H1B visa system

Japan made the announcement during the same time the US announced about tightening H1B rules. Which means do who really want to apply for the H1B visa can go to Japan because the pay is equally good, and so is the path to path to permanent residency. Once these employees become permanent residents, they can switch jobs and also bring the family to Japan.

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