Starting from January 1st, 2018, the government of Japan has relaxed travel visa rules exclusively for Indians. Before the date, Indians needed to submit an Applicant’s Employment Certificate and Explanation Letter justifying the reason for applying for Japan’s multiple entry visas. And now, after the changes, Indians only need to submit a copy of their passport, two passport-sized photographs, completed visa application form, financial capability document like the bank statement, or any affiliation to enterprises. These all requirements are for the multiple entry visas. It will only be allotted to Indians who’ve visited the country for at least two times in 2017. Using the multiple entry visas, Indians can only stay in the country for up to 90 days at a time. For those who’ve visited multiple times, they just have to submit their passport copy and completed visa application form. Both leisure travelers and business travelers can use this visa to travel to the country. Also, earlier in 2017, Japan also relaxed financial requirements for Indian students traveling to Japan. For its single entry short-term visa, Indian students can submit their graduation certificate copy instead of a financial statement of funds to prove their financial capability. Both the visa relaxations will definitely help India and Japan foster friendlier ties between themselves. The Japanese Embassy said that it will bring people of both the countries closer. Apart from the business exchange, the visas also enable cultural exchanges.

Preferred Location for Indians

All Indians agree that Japan is a beautiful country, but couldn’t travel to it easily. Now with more relaxed rules, it seems like Indians can enjoy the cherry blossoms and sushi out there. Japan is a small island country in East Asia but has so much to offer. Everything about Japan is so fantastic that you wouldn’t want to leave ever. You at least need two weeks to cover all the fantastic places like Nikko, Nagasaki, Itsukushima, and Ishigaki Island.

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