The Bureau of Immigration of India recently launched e-service visa process for all countries. It isn’t implemented yet but soon will be. After implementation, foreigners will have to visit their nearest Foreigners Regional Registration Office in India. Currently, the service is only valid in Chennai. The service ensures a user-friendly experience. It comes after India launched its e-visa service to a few foreign countries at the end of 2016. All the proceeds will be done online and will be processed only after checking if all relevant documents are available. More offices will be opened in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Services available at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office include residential permit, visa extensions, and registrations. Since it is an electronic service, the applicant doesn’t need to visit the office but send the documents via post. A personal interview isn’t compulsory and only be asked for if the official requires verification of any documents. Emergency services are also available at the offices such as visas for the sudden international plan, or the Indian visa is close to expiry. After India’s e-visa model was a hit, the Indian government is working towards making it even easier for foreigners to visit India for leisure, business, or work. It applies to all foreign residents of India.

The Indian e-visa

An Irish traveler, when interviewed in Rajasthan, said that she got her e-visa in 48 hours after applying. The service was hassle-free as she didn’t need to go to any embassy or send her passport. This convenient service is going to encourage even more foreign travelers to visit India. As compared to January 2017, the number of international tourists visiting India increased by 58.5 percent in January 2018. With the numbers growing exponentially, one can only imagine how strong the tourism sector of India will become in a few years.

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