During the Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year, thousands and hundreds of Chinese people travel to celebrate the holidays. The Lunar New Year starts is on February 16th, 2018 and all countries around the world are geared up to welcome Chinese tourists. Bali, Indonesia, is all set to welcome 1,500 Chinese tourists this year. Vincensius Jemadu, assistant deputy manager, Asia Pacific Marketing Development, said that a high number of Chinese people are visiting Bali this year after their president visited a few weeks ago. Another reason why Chinese people are eager to spend their new year is Bali is because the Chinese Consulate-General in Bali recommended his countrymen the destination an ideal celebration location. The Lunar New Year celebrations will kick-off from February 15 onward. The Consulate-General has arranged everything to make the visit worthwhile. There will be 20 Chinese performers and many others from Indonesia, who will be performing during the celebrations. Jemadu said that they are hosting a gala dinner for tourists during the event. The government has also placed hoarding in China and online to promote Bali for the New Year’s. For further promotion, Indonesians officials hosted conferences in Nanning, Guangzhou, and Beijing, which were attended by Chinese travel agents and media persons. It was organized to promote Indonesian tourism.

The huge Chinese tourism industry

The Chinese tourism industry is huge with almost 130 million outbound tourists every year. It is the second fastest growing economy, and the Chinese middle class can afford a lot more than what they did a couple decades ago. Tapping the Chinese tourism industry means any country tourism will prosper and therefore, promoting tourism is necessary. Starting e-visa system and reducing visa costs for potential Chinese visitors to visit the country. The UAE started visa-on-arrival service and saw a 41 percent hike in tourists annually.

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