If you are a high-achieving individual, China wants you to work in the country. If you are a Nobel laureate, entrepreneur, or scientists, you have the perfect chance to grab an excellent work opportunity in the Asian country. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, and the Ministry of Public Security announced guidelines for the new visa. Expats can obtain this special visa in as early as five days according to the government. There are no application fees, and the process is entirely online. Now you might be wondering, what is this special visa all about and why can't the Chinese government stop talking about it? Gao Xiang, a representative of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, said that whatever information the applicant uploads on the website will be passed on to to the three departments mentioned above. This saves the time the applicant takes to send the information to each and every department. The process is automated and very simple. The country needs talent, not just some kind of talent, but high-end talent, which includes people like foreign coaches, national level players, students from world-class universities outside of China, people who earn six times more the average salary of China, and Nobel Prize winners. China is facing a skill shortage and wants people to come to the country. What is the special visa about? Li Keqiang, Chinese Prime Minister, said that China is opening its doors for foreigners with experience. This new special visa allows eligible ones to come to the country on a 180-day visa. They can get their family as well, at no extra cost. During this time, these people can look for jobs and add value to companies they join in future. The government seeks most professionals from the technology and engineering field.

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