Afghanistan has the weakest passport in the world, but the country is undoubtedly trying its best to its tourism sector. The government of Hamid Karzai International Airport opened a visa processing center specifically for businesspeople, where they can apply and process their visa-on-arrival. An American businessman was the first one to use this new visa service in Kabul, Afghanistan's capital. Bret Dalton, the American businessman, said that starting the visa center is a huge step for Afghanistan. It is definitely a positive move as he has seen this service in many countries that he has traveled to. By launching this service, the Afghan government has directly boosted its trade and commerce since businesspeople will no more have to visit Afghan embassies in their home country to process the visa, but instead do it on arrival. Feroz Khan Masjidi, deputy minister, commerce, and industries for investments, said that the new visa service will encourage foreign direct investments as the Afghan government has decided to provide the country with necessary facilities. Samir Rasa, head, media office, senior advisor to the president, said that foreign investors had to struggle a lot earlier to get a visa for Afghanistan but won’t have to that anymore. Staff at the visa center will collect their documents and send it to the foreign ministry. Once approved, the investors will get the visa, which has a validity of three years on a multiple entry bases.

No restrictions

Investors from all countries are invited to be a part of the program as the country is looking forward to expanding its trade and business. Documents required for being eligible for the visa-on-arrival include passport valid for at least six months, business license with a minimum validity of six months, USD 100,000 in a notarized bank account, No-Objection Certificate, and a few more.

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