New Zealand changes Residence Programed policy

New Zealand Government has announced that they will change the New Zealand program for the next two years. They range been lowered as a result to provide assistance to the immigrants who are already in process. The range will be 85000 to 95000 as compared to the last two years which was 90000 to 100000.

To ensure further safety to get the residence approval according to revised planning. The Skilled Migrant Category SMC is being raised to 160 points. SMC has also changed the way of providing evidence for English language requirements; this will provide assistance to people taking tests. The policy was reviewed so that it can give more value to New Zealand. The capped family category is also reduced from 5500 to 2000 every year, and for the parent category, it will be close for a while so that new application can be reviewed.

So you have got the news, but you will think what NZRP is?

Here is your answer, The New Zealand Residence Program is a system that manages residence approvals and is one of the most successful systems that is working in New Zealand. It serves the objective of Government in three streams: The Skilled workers, Family, and international committees. Skilled workers, Investors, entrepreneurs and their families are looked after under the first stream For family’s members of New Zealand citizens are taken care under the second stream, including both capped and uncapped families and International Humanitarian organization for refugee quota and other are entertained under the third stream of NZRP NZRP provide a complete plan that allows more flexibility and also saves times. For the next two years, it has been reduced by the government. In past decade or so, the numbers for the people approval has been around 39000 to 52000. But in recent years it has been on rise, so the government needed to make some policy changes.

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