How Will Trump’s Order On H1B Affect Indian Techies?


US President Donald Trump’s decision regarding H-1B visa will  affect Indian workers the most. Highly skilled Indian workers especially Indian techies are most worried about the decision. President Trump said that the US will now be giving the H-1B visa only to the highly skilled and most paid immigrants. The visa is not a way to replace American workers.

President Trump said that currently there is a widespread abuse of immigration system in India. American workers are replaced by these immigrants who often get paid really less. He feels that it has to stop for the country to progress further.

Before signing it at Wisconsin, Trump said that the order will be long pending solutionfor stopping visa abuses. Currently, H-1B visa is given to applicants on lottery basis. He also said that no can compete with American workers if they are given a fair and level playing field. They deserve a chance, which they haven’t got since a few decades.

Enforcing Hire American rules

Trump’s administration will be enforcing ‘Hire American’ rules, which will safeguard the rights of Americans at their work. A White House representative said that the US will only bring the most deserving, highly skilled, and highest paid people in the country. However, studies reflect a different intention.

Around 80 percent of people that were given H-1B visas belonged to the two lowest wage levels. Companies hire immigrants on H-1B visa and replace American workers at a lower wage. One of Trump’s biggest election promise was to reform the H-1B system.

As per Congress’s rules, US Citizenship and Immigration Services allots around 65,000 H-1B visas and 20,000 to those who have a degree in masters or higher education from American universities. The US gives 50,000 permanent residencies every year. Out of which only 10,000 is given to Indians despite being a huge contributing group to the US economy.