US Adds Interview Process To Visa and Green Card Approvals

Source: theimmigrationteam

The US government has made the process of approving visas or green cards even more strict now. The USCIS requires that all applicants who wish to enter the United States for employment purposes, obtaining a permanent residence or a green card undergo an interview. The USCIS has started this phase from October 1, 2017.

The major concern among immigration attorneys and associations is the additional administration and processing delay. They are befuddled regarding the motives of the government and the USCIS behind interviews for employment based green card applicants. They did acknowledge that conducting interviews was not against regulations. However, they did not expect the sudden revocation of the waivers because they don’t believe these applicants pose any threat.

Meanwhile, the acting director of USCIS, James McCament stated that the USCIS was simply propagating the Trump Administration’s policies. According to him, these policies are concurrent to improve the integrity of the US immigration system. He added that the USCIS is collaborating with Federal agencies to integrate better vetting processes in keeping with the efficiency requirements in screening applicants.

Source: theimmigrationteam

“Not all immigrants are bad”

Even the former USCIS director, Leon Rodriguez did not expect this decision. He understood the need to upheave the immigration system in the wake of increased threats. But what he did not understand is why an aspirant on an employment basis wishing to stay in the US would pose a security risk. As per his perception, it was necessary to conduct interviews from time to time. But the were only based on concerns about the applicant.

He explained that there was no definite pattern to the threats coming in the US. Those who were detrimental to the security of the US did not favour any particular visa.

Regardless, this interview procedure is going to add delays in the applications. This is because the USCIS has made it mandatory for the applicants, as well as the dependants (except young children) to undergo that interview.