USCIS Will Accept H-1B Petitions for Fiscal Year 2017 Beginning April 1, 2016

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Right from April 1, 2016, th? U.S. C?t?z?n?h?? ?nd Immigration Services (USCIS) had started the process of accepting the US H-1B visas petitions for 2017 f????l ???r.

The program is often used by businesses or companies in the United States to employ foreign workers who wish to work in US in ?r??? that ?nv?lv? gr??t ??????l?z?d knowledge ?n th? f??ld? of ????n??, engineering ?nd computer ?r?gr?mm?ng.

The congressionally mandated cap ?n H-1B v???? wh??h ?? 65,000 for the previous ???r? is still the same for 2017. Th? first 20,000 H-1B petitions f?l?d for ??r??n? with M??t?r? D?gr??? from U.S. In?t?tut??n? w?ll b? ?x?m?t?d fr?m the 65,000 cap.

"The assigned number for H-1B visas ?? most l?k?l? t? taken w?th?n the f?r?t f?v? d??? ?f the ???r'? ?r?gr?m ?? ?t has previously b??n ?x??r??n??d ?n th? ???t ???r?" as reported by U.S Citizenship and Immigration S?rv???? (USCIS). The ?g?n?? w?ll k??? an ??? ?n th? numb?r ?f ???l???t??n? r????v?d ?nd notify th? ?ubl?? wh?n th? H-1B visa cap of 65,000 h?? b??n met. L?k? th? ?r?v??u? years, th? ?g?n?? w?ll u?? a lottery ???t?m t? r?nd?ml? select the t?rg?t number ?f H-1B petitions ?f th? received numb?r ?f ???l???t??n? ?? ?n excess ?f the r??u?r?d numb?r w?th?n the f?r?t f?v? bu??n??? days. Once th? r??u?r?d number ?? selected w?th th? ???t?m, other applications including th??? r????v?d ?ft?r th? cap has ?l???d, will be rejected.

Premium Processing for Cap-Subject Petitions

Petitioners of H-1B visa may still continue to demand premium processing together with their H-1B petition. However, they should note that USCIS may in the meantime adjust its current premium processing practice due to the historical premium processing receipt levels and the possibility that the H-1B cap will be met in the first five business days of the filing season. In order to prioritize data entry for cap subject H-1B petitions, USCIS will begin premium processing for H-1B cap-subject petitions appealing premium processing no later than May 11, 2015.


Petitioners have been reminded by USCIS that: "when the temporary employment or training will be in different locations, the location of the company or organization's office will determine where the appropriate service centre which the petitioners should send the Form I-129 package, irrespective of where their various worksites is located in the US." Petitioners should ensure that when temporary employment or training will be in different locations, the address on page 1, part 1 of Form I-129 is for their organization or company's primary office. Also, note that when listing a "home office" as a work site location on Part 5, question 3, USCIS will consider this a separate and distinct work site location.

A petitioner's case will be considered accepted on the date USCIS takes possession of the correctly filed petition with the right fee.

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