US H-1B Visas Overhaul: A Coign of Vantage for Canada

President Trump's administration has H-1B visas for skilled workers under greater scrutiny. They plan to stop the spouses of such workers from holding jobs in the USA. It will take months before a foreign tech worker can get employment visa in the U.S. Trump's overhaul of H-1B visas can be attributed to the agitations that it is a way of replacing American workers with foreign labors that are considered cheap. This agitation has raised anxiety and uncertainty levels for foreign tech workers in the U.S. In contrary, as of today, it takes just two weeks for a tech worker to obtain employment permit in Canada. Many have attributed this to an aggressive move by Canada to create a haven for top talent in Silicon Valley and other tech-rich regions in the U.S. who are or could be affected by the new H-1B visa regime in the U.S. Of course, the Canadian government is not expected to admit it's taking advantage of the uncertain immigration condition in the U.S. Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau declined to address the position of the country on U.S. administration's H-1B visa overhaul. He said that Canada only selects permanent residents in the country's best interest. Yet, it is common knowledge among experts that Canada's "Global Skills Strategy" program (it offers work permit in the similitude of America's H-1B visa) is designed to entice highly skilled tech workers to Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto. Before the launch of this program (about a year ago), getting employment permit in Canada took months just like USA's.

Global Skills Strategy program is a game-changer for Canada

Asha Kaushal, a professor at the University of British Columbia law school and an immigration law expert, say (in respect to Global Skills Strategy program by Canada) that "it captures all of the Silicon Valley people and it captures them quickly." Whether they admit it or not, planned or unplanned, America's H-1B visa overhaul plays to Canada's advantage and Canada's Global Skills Strategy program also position them well to take advantage of the situation. Stay connected to VisaNews to remain updated on latest visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and USA!

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