Uncertainty Hits H-4 Visa Holders as US Delays Final Decision

Uncertainty Hits H-4 Visa Holders as US Delays Final Decision

The spouses of holders of H-1B visa, who are highly skilled, majorly Indians are issued H-4 visas.

According to an official, the decision by Trump administration to annual work authorization for holders of H-4 visas has not yet been finalized because the rulemaking process regarding it is incomplete.

The official further said that there is a continuous review of all the employment-based visa programs which the H-4 EAD is included, by the USCIS. He said that until the completion of the rulemaking process, the decision towards withholding work authorization from certain H-4 holders is not yet finalized.

The Department of Homeland Security had recently reemphasized, in its agenda for the annual spring, the proposal to annual employment authorization for certain H-4 visa holders, spouses of holders of H-1B visas who are not immigrants, regarding them ineligible for the visa.

Under the former US president’s administration, employment authorizations were issued to H-4 visa holders, but the Trump administration, in its early years in power, told the court in the US about its plan to annul the rule. However, the notification has been delayed thrice by the administration.

The Law Guards

According to Jessica Collins, the USCIS spokeswoman, upholding the Immigration laws in the US, ensuring the laws are carried out faithfully and protecting the system’s integrity – designed to safeguard the working conditions and wages of the workers in the US, are the commitments of USCIS.

She further stated that the administration has been working really hard on merit-based Immigration policy and regulatory reforms in immigration which includes a review of visa programs based on employment so as to correspond with the president’s executive order.

All applications, requests, and petitions will be fairly adjudicated by USCIS efficiently, ensuring they meet the required applicable laws and policies, she said.

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