U.S. Immigration Agency Will Lose Millions Because of Not Processing Visa Fast

Lost amongst the anger and anguish following the decision of the current administration of the United States to continue the hunt for undocumented migrants is the impending alteration that is to sweep through the judicial migration system which is anticipated to have adverse effects on both the United States firm and the government of the day.

At this time of the year every year, the customs and migration department is swimming in an avalanche of permit applications, especially for expert workers.

For NGOs, they usually have a five-day grace in the month of April to submit applications for new permits at the same time existing permit holders get to renew theirs.

The new anguish is that sometime this week; the customs department put on hold the premium application processing which enabled hiring companies to pay an extra fee to reduce drastically the duration period they have to wait for eight months to around two weeks. Officials of the Customs department have painted a picture of the scheme as an impermanent hold as the increase in applications for the permit application rises.

In truth though, it is just a waste of time and a sign of inefficiency from the agent itself.

As far as the customs records go, the assertion and answers from previous officials of the agency say the body has put in a lot of its revenues from the last eight years, around $2.3 billion, into a thwarted attempt to make the migration system digital.

This one-sided approach has left the permit program with little or no funding to progress.

“I really can’t believe they could be that naïve and dumb,” a former official of the customs office said to reporters.

The customs office has on different occasions put on hold the premium application, but this current suspension comes at a terrible time for the country. The suspension is expected to last for around eight months. In just April alone, the country received around 236,000 applications. Putting the scheme on hold is most likely to be a source of delay for a lot of foreign applicants who require new permits in return for being employed in different sectors of the economy.

It is expected to cost the customs agency around $100 million in application fees lost due to the suspension, a spokeswoman for the company said.

The spokesperson also said that the loss would not be felt too much as an inflow of around $700 million is expected to pour into the coffers of the agency.

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