Trump’s Latest Immigration Order Met with Mixed Reaction

Posted on: 21 Apr 2017  |   Tags: immigration news usa , Trump latest news , Visa news USA ,

Executive business owners in Silicon Valley have found themselves embroiled in an intense debate with the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, on his hardball methods employed against migration. Recently, the technology sector seems to be accepting the idea and message the President’s current moves in reviewing the migration policies. A plan to be passed soon, titled “Purchase American made goods employ American workers”, was signed on Wednesday by the President and it rallies on all government bodies involved in migration to revisit the H-1B permit scheme. The scheme is responsible for nearly 65,000 permit acquisition by foreign workers in sectors that require talent and expert knowledge such as the technology industry and in health. It also awards around 20,000 permits to students coming into the country for different faces of study. With the policies being put in place by the President, the future of the scheme which is the primary pathway for a lot of foreign technology experts to come into the country, has been a real cause of concern for the wigs in Silicon Valley. Experts in the sector have made series of complaints about the selfish migration system being employed. This system has strained their attempts to recruit the best and brightest in the field of technology and has also made it harder for foreign businessmen to start lucrative businesses in the country. Companies from the United States’ neighbor, Canada, have kept a close eye on proceedings in the country regarding migration, with a lot of experts in the United States scared that the hardball method on migration in the country might scare foreigners to the country of Canada instead. As a part of his campaign journey, a politician in Canada up for election stated that the method of the approach taken by the present government of the United States towards migration might be a great opportunity for the tech firms in their country to attract the crème-de-la-crème of talents. “You cannot put an embargo on idea flow,” she stated. “We will ensure that we take advantage of this any way we can.” The President of the United States also said that the executive policies are the first batch in a long list of many reviews on the H-1B scheme in his administration’s bid to curb fraud and illegal behaviors in the system. He also said that the permit should not be an avenue for foreign employees to take over jobs meant for Americans.

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