Trump's Immigration Crackdown is Hurting US Farms

Posted on: 27 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Migrate to US , US Immigration ,

In approximately 60 days since current president Donald Trump took the oath of office and ascended the seat of power, migration officers have upped the ante around the United States, arresting hundreds of people in the nation without proper authorization, a lot of whom are set to be deported back to their native countries.

Donald Trump has personally referred to the migration hunt as a military drill for the benefit of the country.

In a lot of instances, the arrested individuals are the spine of the United States’ labour force for the farming and agriculture sector.

This past week, the migration officers have detained around five farm workers in western New York. The detained individuals had no previous criminal records and were not the target of the officers.

Rather, the victims were driving to work on a farm when they were pulled over, and it was discovered that they do not possess the required papers to stay in the country legally. They were slammed with migration violations and kept waiting for deportation proceedings. In the past week in Vermont, around three illegal workers on a dairy farm were detained in two separate situations.

The three individuals arrested were members of the migrants and civil society member’s association in the city.

Many undocumented migrants make up the core of the dairy farm workforce in Vermont.

The arrests drove Senators Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy, who are both independent and Democrats respectively, and Peter Welch, a Democrat, to pressure the migrations and customs law enforcement body for answers as to why the individuals were arrested in the first place.

They disclosed in a statement that the current administration is set out to target illegal aliens, including persons who make the country run and keep the rural economy going. Sometime in the month, customs enforcement agents on the other side of the country intercepted two buses carrying farm workers of Latin descent on their way to their farm jobs.

The Customs officers claimed they were in search of two individuals, both men.

They found one out of the two and arrested the remaining ten on the bus.

Three of the men arrested had previous criminal records, but four of them had no previous records save for coming into the country illegally.

Most of the arrested individuals came from areas in Guatemala where there is a high rate of crime and violent activities. That was the main reason they left their country in the first place.

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