Trump's Immigration Crackdown is having 'Alarming' Effect on Public Safety

As the Donald Trump government continues to intensify its efforts to apprehend and send back undocumented migrants back to their native country, mayors and legal practitioners all across the nation say the illegal migrants have started to dodge the prosecutors of the law, by all means, necessary, and have refused to come to court to testify as witnesses.

In one particular situation, four females from the state of Denver who cried foul over domestic abuses in their neighborhood lately have refused to carry on with the case because they reckon that they would be sighted at the courthouse by migration officials and custom or border patrol officials and be sent back to their native country, a report by an attorney in Denver stated.

The source of their taciturnity can be traced back to a video that showed up on the net.

The video showed migration and custom border patrol officials waiting at a courthouse in Denver to apprehend a suspect they believe was an illegal alien. The video surfaced about two months ago.

“Without survivors of crimes willing to come forward and tell the general public of their experience, we have had to throw the cases out of court, and the perpetrators of these acts can now roam the streets free, waiting and looking for who else they could hurt,” an attorney told reporters.

“We are concerned that people have no confidence in the system and that we are going to lose their entire cooperation due to all of the current events happening in the country presently.”

A spokesperson for the migration and customs patrol department said that its agents usually make arrests in courthouses only when it no longer has any tenable options. Situations such as the one in Denver have been spotted all across various courthouses in the cities across the countries.

Legal prosecutors in Dallas said that they came across one case of a woman who had suffered domestic abuse and decided not to cooperate with the prosecutors and investigators because she was scared that the agents would send her back to her native country.

That situation came a little after the migration and customs enforcement agency had apprehended an individual in a court room where he had initially been designated to testify as a witness in a trial, reports in the papers said.

The mayor of Austin, Steve Adler, gave the identity if the sufferer of the domestic violence during a meeting with reporters on Tuesday.

He also stated that the county was well and able in its powers to fully bring perpetrators of evil acts to justice, but they would need the help of witnesses and victims to do so.

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