Trump Frays Nerves on Both Sides

Posted on: 18 Apr 2017  |   Tags: latest visa news USA , Trump news , USA immigration news ,

Proponents and those vehemently against the rise in migration in the United States both share a common trait presently: the president of the United States, Donald Trump, is giving them cause to worry.

Those for the amendment of the laws of migration who desire to experience a confirmed status for illegal employees in the nation say that they are terrified by the proposed laws of the white house.

They say that Donald Trump is employing a seriously aggressive method in the returning of illegal migrants to their home nations.

This, they feel, puts the migrants at risk of splitting with their family members and that is an increasing cause for concern within the migrant society.

Those against raising migration numbers and who supported the president during his campaign last year are worried that the president is not delivering on his words.

The initial plan of the president to construct a wall on the border with México seems to be stuck in a limbo for now, and by appointing a supporter of migration as a part of his advisory board on migration policies, they seem to have a legit right to be worried about the direction in which his administration is headed. Subsequent appointments carried out by the president have also made the other side of the divide totally angry also.

Migration and customs body employed a new adviser to the interim director of the agency, while the nation’s border security department also employed a new adviser to the department’s interim head of affairs.

Both departments are in support of the president’s goal to reduce migration greatly.

“Rather than providing long-term answers to the issues plaguing our nation’s migration laws and system, the president and his cabinet only want to use hard force to tackle the issue,” a member of the House of Congress said to reporters. Bodies against migration state that even though they have some doubts about the current direction of affairs, the president has made some efforts in the correct direction, especially in the laws made by the previous administration of Obama.

A spokesperson for the group says that the president and his cabinet have made clear their intentions to give no hiding place to undocumented migrants in the country.

“He has appointed a lot of other people who have the belief that undocumented migration is detrimental to the development of the country,” the representative said. “I don’t think because one person on the board has differing opinions about the directions would change things much.”

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