Trump Clarifies on his Immigration Plan

The US Republican Party’s Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, after earning a sharp criticism over his comments made a week ago, has clarified his stand on immigration policies.

Speaking on stage along with Joni Ernst, a Republican from Iowa (center), and other representatives,' Trump provided a comprehensive explanation to his immigration policy, changing his stand from the statement he made last week regarding, deporting unregistered immigrants from the United States.

In his speech at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, Trump said that he would introduce an entry-exit tracking system for visas and allow the employers to scrutinize the eligibility of the skilled workers.

He also pledged to revoke “unconstitutional orders” and “executive orders” involved in the immigration procedures.

He further said, “All the media wants to talk about is the 11 million people, or more, or less — they have no idea what the number is because we have no control over our country, have no idea what it is, that are here illegally,”

Trump seems to have changed his stand after the setback received in the recent opinion polls, where Democratic Party’s presidential candidate was ahead.

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