Today’s lucky number is 858 as Foreign Nationals to Gain US Citizenship

Posted on: 27 Sep 2016  |   Tags: ,

Today very exciting and interesting news from the USA came as more than 800 foreign nationals from different countries mistakenly got US citizenship. According to the official sources, it happened due to loss of fingerprints. The fingerprints of these people were taken for US government paper files, but they were not uploaded to the government databases, told an official. The immigration officials were unable to access these fingerprints that why more than 800 people got US citizenship.

The reasons for not uploading the fingerprints to the digital database are still unknown. But it is deep rooted back from 1990’s to 2010, went on to almost 20 years because of lack of coordination between the security official dealing with immigration. Including the federal bureau of investigation, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Department of home security. They regularly failed to process fingerprints of nearly 15,000 immigrants during 20 years.

Which caused this current situation at hand they have to deal with. Not just that they were unable to solve the problem for quite some time. About 167,000 of them were recovered and analyzed, and many of them received the US citizenship improperly. It came to notice that false names and other biographical info were given to achieve the US citizenship. Some of the cases were on deportation list as well.

From the security perspective, the risk involved are too high, yet nobody did anything thing about it. Those who got US citizenship can get a sensitive security employment, yet no one bothers to check or do something about it. Some may be working as Police officer, or may in secure areas of aviation, marine, etc.

On the other side, people who got the US citizenship mistakenly have nothing to do with it and should remain US citizen after proper check. It is their right to be US citizen.

The government is now active and have great concern about the loss of fingerprints. The immigration authorities are now working and evaluating each case where these people from different countries got the US citizenship improperly. The security agencies are focused and making changes so in future there will be no such incidents.

On the lighter note, you should apply for US Citizenship. Maybe next time you get lucky.

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