Thousands Rally for Immigration Rights at Dallas

Posted on: 11 Apr 2017  |   Tags: latest immigration news , USA news , Visa news USA ,

A lot of people marched through the state of Dallas in support of the migrants on Sunday afternoon. The number of people who came out in support of the movement was little compared to some people who turned out for the protest against the new laws of migration. Activists walked across town from the Guadalupe Virgin Cathedral shrine to the city plaza hall. At the city hall, the leaders of the march talked with protesters whose numbers peaked at 3,200. There were no arrests made that day. The protesters who came out were required to bring with them American flags and put on red, blue and white because it is all about the values of the country, an organizer at the event held on Sunday told reporters. In the year 2006, a migration march across the town of Dallas attracted around 350,000 to half a million protesters; some estimates put it. That same year, the organizers were astonished by how many people were in attendance and how many families had attended. A teacher in the state of Dallas, Esseiny Alanis, who is also a migrant from the state of Mexico, was with two fourth grade students at the protest. “All kids deserve the right to be educated without harboring the fear of losing a parent,” Esseiny disclosed. “My kids are the world’s future, and I will make sure of that.” A ten-year-old protester, Sanjuanita, disclosed that she was at the protest because of her family who are all from the country of México. “I am present here for the family, for the rights and the equity of all persons,” she stated. A Mexican child, Marina Herrera, returned from school one day and inquired of his mom: “Mum, will I leave the United States and return to Mexico?” by birth, he is an American citizen. His mother came to the United States and was naturalized as a citizen. “We are from the United States, my dear,” his mother assured him. “This is our home.” His mother told him that the protest was about everyone getting equal love and respect. She broke it down to him in terms he could comprehend. “Do you remember the Trolls film?” she asked him. “This is like that movie. No troll would be left at the back.” His grandmother is too febrile to walk with the protesters, so she has to go with someone who looks after her.    

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