Tensions Flare over Immigration Enforcement between Local Police

Posted on: 07 Apr 2017  |   Tags: immigration news usa , USA latest visa news , visa news ,

A peculiar source of discord is over the emphasis by federal agents that local cops and law enforcement agencies apprehend and keep migrants past their due date until migration agents can take them away to be deported back to their home nation. The move has been discussed as being borderline illegal.

On Thursday, when a senior official at Homeland Security reiterated during a forum that local law enforcement agents could detain undocumented migrants legally until migration and border patrol officials arrive, local authorities fired back at him by asking: “On what grounds and jurisdiction? ” news reports said. “I anticipated that the meeting on Thursday would make things a little better, but was I wrong?” a news agency’s source present at the forum disclosed to reporters.

“It was pretty clear to everyone in attendance that the officials of the department of homeland security were not concerned about finding a permanent solution to the conundrum as opposed to them getting involved.”

A spokesperson for the Department disagreed with that opinion, saying that even though the forum had some places where disagreement existed, all in all, it was a forum that had positive outlooks.

The conference comes as the crackdown on undocumented migrants by the current president takes a sharp turn.

The administration has put in place openly aggressive schemes towards counties and states that call themselves a haven for undocumented migrants. Press secretary of the white house, Sean Spicer, during an interview on Friday critiqued the states that tag themselves a sanctuary that went against the requests put forward by migration officials.

Such states have created a political goal and made it a priority over the safety of its inhabitants by letting criminals roam the streets free. Days before the forum, the attorney general of the country told the haven states that they risked losing funds from the federal government if they continue to go against the requests of the migration officials.

The forum held on Friday was graced by delegates of the international association of heads of police, principal state sheriffs’ association, major cities chiefs association, and the country’s national sheriff association.

The local police officers in the state at the forum also enunciated their stance that the law entirely forbids them from extending the apprehension of an undocumented migrant unless there was an existing court order to that effect.

Cases in court lately have shown that criminal arrests and detention can make the police susceptible to litigation from the public.

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