Source Alleges “Visa and Passport Processing are Outdated”

Sources asserted the Immigration Department's working framework to process travel permits and visas had gotten to be exhausted because of the substantial number of subsystems appended to it throughout the years

The source told, “What we have at present was procured in 1997. It is old, obsolete and unequipped for meeting the present necessities. In the past we didn't need to handle biometric information at passage focuses however now we do. The extra information is overburdening the working framework."

The source denied that the administration disturbance influencing numerous international ID candidates since Thursday was an across the nation issue and was kept to a few focuses. The source likewise said the tremendously reprimanded myIMMs framework was utilized as a part of the greater part of Malaysia's abroad missions and was unequipped for taking care of its workload, prompting successive breakdowns.

Presently, Malaysia has 66 international safe havens, 16 high commissions, three perpetual delegates to the United Nations and Asian, 19 office workplaces and a Malaysian Friendship and Trade Center.

A source in the Home Ministry said it was researching the division, aircraft staff, and representatives of the framework improvement organization.

The Public Accounts Committee had likewise reported it would bring in the Immigration Department for addressing over the disaster.

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