Sixty Five Thousand H-1B Visas Ended In Five Days For Fourth Consecutive Year

Though the price of H-1B US work visa has been increased thrice of its initial value but that had no impact on software professionals. 65000 H-1B visa has been exhausted within the interval of only five days for fourth consecutive year.

The lack of IT professionals in USA is the major reason in this concern. The geometric progression of software technology enhances the percentage of immigration from India to USA. The rapid growth of information Technology increases the number of application for H-1B visa from India to USA.

In past few years the no of applicant for H-1B visa has increased in an unexpected manner. Due to the financial growth in IT industries, many talented individuals want to pursue their carrier in this domain. The increases of IT industries also help to improve the economical conditions of whole world.

That is the major reason for which USA provides H-1B visa to the highly credible immigrant to stay with their country and improve the strategy of new innovation in the field of information technology. Immigration is one of the best and most popular sources to improve the global economy.

The immigration helps the skilled individual to lead a qualitative life. So the petition for H-1B visa has been filled for the year 2017 also. Indian IT professionals are the biggest user of H-1B visa for their immigrations.

The H-1B visa allows USA companies to hire the foreign workers to work under their projects. Before some days the H-1B visa issue has been a big debate in white house of USA. Recently USA has increased the petition price up to an additional amount of $4000.

Though the increase of petition price and implementation of new policy introduced in H-1B Visa, the no of application for this purposed increased day by day.

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