Quebec Agreed To 10000 Canada Visa Applications From June 2016

The MIDI Quebec Kathleen Weil announced for recommencing the online QSWP (worker program), opening from June 2016. In the overall 10000 requests first 5000 skilled workers visa requests will be taken into consideration and remaining 5000 application are accepted later in the same year.

Around 4200 skilled worker visa applicants are awaited form February 2016 to conform their applications trough the online visa gateway. The recommencing of this online application system is little surprising as all of them thought that the intake in February would last of this kind and later Quebec may adopt for economic immigration system which similar to express entry system as same as the immigration system in whole Canada. Firstly everyone needs to make declaration of interest and on this basis immigration application may proceed further.

MIDI announced the information regarding Quebec skilled worker visa applications: from June 13 to 20, 2016 is first reception period during this applicants need to create an user account to submit their requests for Quebec Certificate of selection and should pay required fees. In this first 5000 applications are accepted first. From June 20, 2016 to March 31 2017 is second reception period to be ensured by MIDI in this period remaining 5000 applicants are allowed after all formalities.

Those who applied after the specified time constraints their applications will not considered but those applicants are eligible for an Quebec experience program or those who are with an valid employment offer can submit application at any time and this is valid for specified time. And applicants with valid work permit or study are also omitted from time restrictions

By this QSWP visa program features almost 75 suitable occupations and areas in training makes applicants is authorized as Quebec equivalent. Quebec selects the candidates on basis of highest chances of successful economic settlement potential also with foreign nationals looking to settle in Quebec need to undergo 2 immigration process. Firstly applicants must be selected by MIDI and Quebec immigration authority and they receive an Quebec certificate of selection. Next an selected CSQ holder should fill application with Canadian federal immigration authorities.

Quebec skilled worker program is different than Canada federal express entry immigration program or system offers the PNP regard less of first come serve first.

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