Number Of Migrants In The UK Might Swing Many Votes

Posted on: 26 Apr 2016  |   Tags: European Union , Migrant Numbers In UK ,

With the highly anticipated British Refendum on whether Britain should remain a part of the European Union EU drawing closer, another big day is set just weeks before which could also have Britain’s fate in its hands.

Britain exiting the European Union (Brexit) will have major repercussions in every aspect of the running of Britain as the European Union has up until now had a heavy influence on many British economic, social and political policies-including that of border control.

It was Lin Homer, the chief executive of the HMRC(Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs)agreed to release the official statistics to the Office for National Statistics. On the 26 May 2016, the (ONS) will then publish the analysis of these statistics which will be accessible to the public. This infamous information is eagerly awaited by the public and dreaded by many.

So far, this information has not been properly disclosed to the public. A series of controversial government refusals to reveal solid numbers as well as discrepancies between documented statistics between airports and National Insurance numbers statistics have raised concerns that the government is deliberately downplaying the current level of migration.

Migration levels have been found to be a huge concern to many British nationals and a definite factor in their decision when voting in the referendum.

It is believed that Britain being part of the EU gives the UK limited control over their migration policies and border control. Thus, Britain’s involvement in the EU has led to the surge of migrants into Britain over the years and especially in most recent times. Many British citizens believe that rising migration numbers are too blame for many of UK’s socio-political and economic problems and the current increases in migration to UK will prove severely unsustainable if not curbed.

The public seem to be split down the middle so far as many see the many benefits of Britain remaining in the EU and do not see migrants as a major threat to the UK.

In recent polls, 51% of British are in favour of Britain remaining in the EU and 49% wanting out. With such a “knife-edge” result from the poll, the impending release of these statistics on May 26 could push the vote the other way as Britons realize just how sever the migrant crisis really is.

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