Non Immigrants Visa grants to Indians sees more inflows to US as compared to Pakistan

With the onset of a new administration in the US coming to power, new rules and regulations have been put into action. The reward is for India and Pakistan faces a reduction in Visa grants issued to its immigrants to the US.

This year the immigrant visit to the US by the Pakistanis had encountered a fall by 40% which used to be at the figure of 6500 for each month during Obama’s reign in the year 2016 has just been reduced to 3925 for the month of April 2017 which comes as a cause of worry for Pakistan. Trump had issued an ordinance to ban several Islamic nations for visiting the US which has shown the signs of scrutiny being exercised by the current government being not in favour of such nations.

Though India has a reason to feel relaxed as the no. of immigrant visits to the US has reported increasing by 28% from the data collected from the previous year for the non-immigrant visa issued for travelling .last year around7 3,000isa grants were issued each month while this year the no. rose to 88,000 and still, the inflows are increasing every month. This would help the technology expert and venture capitalist who plans a short visit to countries primarily the US for discussing future opportunities in the pipeline.

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