When Trump’s immigration plan made it to the news, everyone had a mixed reaction. Congress from Oklahoma support the idea, obviously, while the local attorneys are absolutely against it. One of the first points that hit everyone badly was that undocumented cases of immigration will have to wait for 10 years to get their US citizenship. The plan also sets aside $25 billion for building a wall on the US - Mexico border. A local attorney from Oklahoma City said it looks like people are held for ransom. There is no freedom. However, two Congressmen from Oklahoma support the plan. James Lankford said that he acknowledges the immigration plan because it has a solid framework. It has a solution for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and border security, two of the most critical issues in the US currently. The framework provides certainty and promotes nuclear family sponsorship. Both these things will protect America. Jim Inhofe said by ending chain immigration and the Diversity Visa Program, and the US will have stronger border security. Indians are at a huge benefit once the chain immigration is stopped. Over 1.8 million Indians are living in the US who are waiting for their US citizenship for more than 10 years. If the diversity program canceled, the 50,000 green cards can be shifted for those waiting in line because of their skilled work and knowledge. What happens in most families is that they apply when children are young but by the time their turn comes, the children are adults and can’t be included in family naturalization.

The nation that willingly accepts

A Republican from Oklahoma City feels that the US is a nation that willingly accepts. He said that stopping DACA program won’t be the end of all problems. It should be coupled with border security to ensure that only the worthy ones enter the country. These things are much easier than building a wall at the border.

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