Lawmakers to Modernize the Immigration System

A petition was made on Wednesday by a body of financial professionals and experts made up of almost 1500 members, against the decisions of the Head of the United States House of Congress and the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. The petition restated the advantages of migrants to the United States’ economic growth. They also advocated for the lawmakers in Congress to reshape the migration system of the country. The body consisted of around 6 Nobel Prize winners and some quality, top notch officials of the administrations of previous presidents. The petition carried with it insignias of different petitioners including the assistants and public servants who have advised former presidents such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush Snr. and George Bush Jnr. on matters concerning the economy. “A lot of us perceive the free trade as an advantage for us, while a lot of others have supported a bigger responsibility for the administration in the present economy,” the petition stated. “But for some matters, there is one view we all share together. The case bothers the enormous advantage to the economy migrants brings into this country. That cannot be overstated,” the petition went on to say. The petition was forwarded to the president of the United States, the majority head of the house of senate; Mitch McConnell, the minority head of the House of Congress; Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the house of Congress; Paul Ryan and the minority head of the house of Senate; Chuck Schumer. It advocated for the implementation of a more appropriate migration law by those at the helm of affairs at the white house and in Washington especially about migration by skilled migrants as carries on the legacy of the nation in opening its arms to migrants from all over the world. “As the preparation to alter the migration laws is being put into place by the house of congress and the current administration, we petition this to them to let them know of our resolve that migration is truly one of the United States’ advantage over other nations in its position as a global economic powerhouse,” the petition read. “Of a truth, migration has some monetary costs to the economy as the country has to spend more to cater for its migrant. But in the long run, the merits that migrants provide the nation would outweigh the final monetary expenditure by the government.” “Migration is a source of heterogeneous talents in the country, and it helps maintain a flexible demography in the job scene, makes firms develop and raises the output of American employees,” the petition read.  

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