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Attorneys and advocates are gradually getting used to having to work with immigrant women and individuals who are victims of domestic violence that seek refuge in the US from a spouse or other people. Here’s a popular case of a woman from Salvador who was tracked down by her Ex-husband, raped, and after that brutally threatened by his friend and his brother who is also a police officer. In a bid to save her life, she stole into the US and requested to be accepted in an asylum. Several women and victims of domestic abuse migrate to US every day and the immigration policies, although partly aimed at bringing down the rate of criminal and fraudulent practices, leave this vulnerable populace stranded. A policy change that can hinder female victims from exposing crimes would be effected on Monday while the House of Senate decides if to confirm the Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh amidst accusations of assault labelled against him, which he claims are untrue. Advocates who have worked with violated immigrants had come to a unanimous conclusion that even when most of the current policy changes were barely noticed, they all tend to throw this vulnerable population into a higher risk of being attacked by predators who will only see the policies as an open chance to take advantage of their preys.

The Policies

On Monday, there would be a policy change that invariably has the capacity to raise the chances of deporting crime witnesses who are immigrants or violated immigrants that haven’t been documented. Bodies responsible for evaluating visa applications will be mandated under this policy to bring up immigrants for deportation on a lot more, including the basis of being disqualified for a visa. Officers would also be allowed to share specific confidential information about clients. The New Immigration policy particularly finds application in visas made for victims of assault. Victims who report crimes or testify about them will earn a legal status using this visa. The effect of this is realised when a victim for some reason, doesn’t qualify for the special visa and consequently has to be deported. Referring unqualified visa applicants to the immigration court probably for deportation is a new policy. Advocates strongly believe that people in this situation are exposed to a very high risk of danger. In the case of the woman from Salvador, Sessions ruled that victims of domestic violence are unqualified to be in an asylum. The Department of Homeland Services applied this rule to everyone on the border or abroad requesting to be let into the asylum.

List of some policies that affect the vulnerable masses are:

a) Zero Tolerance Prosecution Policy: This policy has been reversed but while in existence, had warranted the separation of many families that had come into the country illegally. b) Immigrant arrest at Courthouse and Anti-sanctuary city effort: Local police officers have attested to the fact that this policy has adversely affected immigrant victims who are reporting crimes. c) Restricting immigrant teenagers who are on detention from aborting d) Dramatically reducing the number of refugees admitted into the country e) Immigrants who get in illegally would be denied asylum f) Spouses of highly skilled workers would no longer be offered work visas A Spokeswoman from the Department of Homeland Security, Katie Waldman said that the policies actually upholds women and the President’s first point of call while in office was targeted at tracking violence directed to women. She also made it clear that the administration is committed to secure the US border and prevent female trafficking and abuse. USCIS commented on the visa change to be effected on Monday that anyone entering the country illegally is expected to leave.

The Effect

Michelle Brane said that in her opinion, these policies had affected women and children because it is the most vulnerable in the entire population. It has threatened their security and fundamental rights, thus pushing people further into dangerous zones. According to experts, immigrant women are prone to abuse for a lot of reasons. One of the reasons is their dependence on a spouse or common-law partner for status. Traffickers use deportation as a threat to manipulate victims. Women who survive victimisation from their home countries stand a higher chance of being victimised again. Stay in touch and get alerts & emails directly in your inbox by subscribing to VisaNews Check here for our latest immigration updates, local immigration activities, emerging trends, visa news updates for Australia, Canada, US, UK, Germany and more.

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