Lack of qualified human resource may force Australia to bring workers from India

Posted on: 18 Apr 2016  |   Tags: ,

There are lots of Indian companies have invested projects in Australia. The shortage of qualified workers to handle all these projects, may force Australia to bring the skilled professionals from India. Australian government also realizes that they have to take the qualified workers from India to fulfill all their ongoing construction projects.

Due to human resource problem, lot of Indian companies like Adani, GVK and JSPL want to quit their projects from Australia. To provide the financial certainty to the investor the Australian government thinks of an idea to improve the percentage of skilled professionals by hiring the people from India and China. That is the main reason why they change their policy of immigration's.

Previously Australia provided a facility under a free trade agreement which has been created a major controversy. In past years Australia terminated the Indian professionals from their duties which cause a major problem in their economical point of view.

Now days, Australian government realize the worth of Indian skilled individuals. So they want to provide all the necessary things for their betterment of life such as tourism, healthcare and education facilities. For the rapid growth of economy they have to improve strategies for both financial resources and human resources. They have to pay attention for the investor’s profit. If investors get much profit, then they will invest more money on projects which will be helpful to improve the economical conditions of the country as well as the working individuals.

That is why the government of Australia should prepare a plan for it and must execute it in a proper way. Although the plans have not executed now but in very near future we can see a good bond of business relationship between India and Australia.

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