Ivana Trump says US needs immigrants to clean up our living rooms

Posted on: 16 Apr 2016  |   Tags: ,

Ov?r several m?nth?, Donald Trump, the GOP presidential ??nd?d?t? has ??r?u?d?d a l?rg? numb?r of Am?r???n? th?t h? ?? w?ll capable to b? Pr???d?nt ?f th? Un?t?d St?t??. H?w th?t h????n?d, ?nd wh?t those ??mm?ndm?nt? would b? ?? l??? ??rt??n, since h?? ????t??n on m??t major ???u?? is ??th?r un?nf?rm?d or fl??t?ng, ???rt fr?m th? ??z? of th? w?ll h? would build to k??? out Mexican immigrants t? US.

M?l?n?? Trump h?? b??k?d her hu?b?nd policy ?n US ?mm?gr?t??n but trum?’? f?rm?r w?f? Ivana Trump d??? not ?h?r? the ??m? ?t?n?? w?th her ex-husband. Alth?ugh she ?u???rt ?mm?gr?t??n but ?h? d??? agree on ?ll ?????t? proposed b? th? GOP ??nd?d?t? D?n?ld Trum?.

Wh?l? ????k?ng to New Y?rk Post Iv?n? Trum? says that she g?v?? a n?d to legal ?mm?gr?t??n, noting that those wh? m?gr?t? t? US w?ll take jobs that Am?r???n? d?n't want t? d?.

Sh? ???d: "As long as th?? ??m? here thr?ugh a l?g?l m??n?, we n??d th?m. W? n??d legal ?mm?gr?nt? t? v??uum ?ur living r??m? ?nd ?l??n u? after u? ?? Americans d?n’t like to d? th?t."

Dur?ng th? same ?nt?rv??w, Iv?n? Trum? wh? is also ?n ?mm?gr?nt to US from Cz??h ???d th?t D?n?ld Trum? is n?t a f?m?n??t ?v?n th?ugh, h? loves women.

According t? the P??t, Iv?n? Trump’s retinue ??ll?d following the interview t? w?lk b??k h?r ??mm?nt that h?'? n?t a f?m?n??t. Th?? th?n ???d h? w?? n?t a f?m?n??t ?g??n b?f?r? finally calling t? ??? th?t h? ?? a f?m?n??t.

On Melania, Donald Trump’s Curr?nt w?f?, ?h? ???d: “M?l?n?? w?ll g??d as f?r?t l?d?.” She wished D?n?ld ?nd w?f? th? b??t saying th?t: “M?l?n?? d?d n?t wr?ng me ?n ?n?w??.”

Iv?n?, th? gr?ndm?th?r t? ??ght little ones ???d she h?? b??n ?ff?r?ng some ?????? of advice to her ?x-hu?b?nd.

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