Indians with US visa, Green Card can Now Obtain On-arrival Visas in UAE

The United Arab Emirates pronounced on Wednesday that Indian nationals with valid American permits and green cards can now get a permit on arrival in the country, new reports state.

The decree which was made by the nation’s top executives is targeted at promoting and further developing the bilateral relationships between the two nations in every sector. The permit on arrival can be gotten at all entry ports in the country and would be acceptable for just two weeks, after which an extension can be filed for.

“Nationals of the country of India who has the country’s normal passport valid for half a year or more, or a permit from the United States would be given entrance to the country from all admission points for a duration of two weeks.

This permit can be renewed for around the same period once fees have been paid,” an official statement read. The United Arab emirate’s target is to be the world’s number one nation when it comes to tourism. Close to 1.6 million nationals from the nation of India came into the UAE on the grounds of tourism in the year 2016, while nearly 50,000 left the UAE for India in the same period. The reports say around 143 flights shuffle both countries daily.

The relationship between both countries has been better in the last few years, especially with the prime minister of the country visiting the United Arab Emirate in 2015.

That was the first time a prime minister from India would visit the UAE.

Also, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi paid a visit to the prime minister of India in New Delhi to further discuss strengthening bonds between the two nations. More than 12 bonds were signed that day during the visit.

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