Indian Visa-Holders See Hope in Trump Review

When a lot of Indians get awarded scholarships to study in the United States of America in their degree of choice, it is usually a moment of pride for them, and they accept such opportunities with both hands. Most Indians who have lived all their lives in the country of India would attest to that. They usually have a job before coming into the United States of America for studies and eventually end up working and living in the nation. That has been the system of things for most Indian workers in the STEM and IT department. But in the last half a decade, some India nationals have been hoping and waiting in line to obtain a green card which would provide them with the entire rights that an American citizen has. Most of them end up making use of the little rights provided them by the H-1B permits, which enables them to reside and be employed in the nation but restricts them from changing jobs however they wish or even starting up a company. “It is relatively easy to deduce when I first entered the borders of this country, but I think all of my decisions up until now I have regretted,” an Indian student in the united states who is also the assistant head of a body that stands in for foreigners awaiting the issuance of their residential permit told reporters. The body says that around 1.5 million H-1B permit holders in the United States are hoping to get issued their residential permit. A lot of them are from the sub-continent of India and have been hoping to get the permit for more than ten years now. A lot of these foreigners appreciated the president of the United States’ decision to pass a policy to all bodies in charge of the H-1B scheme to review the system. That might just lead to the permits being handed out to only highly paid foreigners rather than via a random draw. They hope that should the H-1B permits be distributed based on merits; the residential permits would eventually be given out on merit too. “In my opinion, a less random system is excellent,” a foreigner told reporters about his views on the new scheme review. Obtaining a residential permit can be access to becoming a citizen and a lot of foreigners waiting for their permits hope to become citizens in no time. The H-1B permit is targeted at foreign employees in jobs that usually need expertise such as the STEM department.

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