Indian Tech Companies May Be Affected As US Sets to Redefine H-1B Visas

The US Authorities have decided for allowing the best foreigners into the country, the definition of the Specialty occupations which is under H-1B visa would have to be reviewed. This proposal will greatly affect Indian Tech companies and the Indian-Americans who run small or medium scale companies in the IT sector. The administration aims at re-defining the occupations available under this work category. This decision is one of the schemes in the Unified Fall Agenda of the current US Governmental Administration.

What will the revised definition of H-1B visa contain?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will establish this proposal beginning from January 2019. US  Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said that the plan entails the revision of how specialty occupations under the H-1B program are defined. It further explained that In order to protect the rights and wages of the employees in the country, the proposal would revise the definition of employment and the employers’ relationship with their employees. The new proposal would also affect the H-4 spouses in the H-1B non-immigrant class as they would be removed from the list of foreigners that are qualified for employment in the country. The DHS added that they are already summarizing the establishment of temporary regulations designed for individuals who are filing petitions on behalf of foreign workers. The law does not permit an individual to submit more than one petition for a particular foreigner. It, however, creates an excellent platform for H-1B petitioners to have a very effective and well-organized filling process based on the number required each year. The DHS, however, noted that the number of petitions that are sent in every year greatly surpasses the required number, thus a counter plan to launch an electronic registration program has been proposed. With this program running, the USCIS would have full control of the intake of petitions and still effectively manage the lottery procedure. Stay connected to VisaNews to remain updated on latest visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK and USA!

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