Indian migrant workers are a deprived lot - Rights Activists

Posted on: 02 Aug 2016  |   Tags: Indian migrant workers , Indian migrants , Migrant workers ,

The Indian  diaspora living in different parts of the world has benefited India and the host countries immensely. But, when it comes to rights of non-skilled workforce, not much has improved, say  the rights activists.

Mainly in the Middle Eastern countries, development was possible only with the valuable contribution made by migrant workers.  However, migrants lack quality health care, income assurances and protection of their rights.

The retired diplomat B.M. Vindo Kumar said that the Indian Government should use diplomatic influence to secure the welfare and social security of its people.

Venkat Manthana, of the American Telangana Association, shared  his opinion saying “The country of origin and the destination are equally important. That apart, the migrant population also deserve better healthcare.”

Overseas Manpower Company of Andhra Pradesh (OMCAP)’s General Manager, K.V. Swamy, said that Indian migrants send huge sums of money to India as external foreign remittances worth $250 billion. But their contributions are invisible. He stated that schemes should be encouraged to increase savings of the Indian  diaspora.

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