India Sends Majority Of H-1b Visa Workers To The US

Posted on: 24 Mar 2016  |   Tags: ,

Ind??, th? w?rld’? second m??t populous ??untr?, ??nd? th? h?gh??t f?r??gn workers t? Am?r??? on H-1B v???? for ??????lt? occupations by a w?d? margin. R???rt ?f Statistics b? th? U.S. D???rtm?nt ?f St?t? showed th?t, ?n 2012, 80,630 H-1B v???? w?r? ???u?d to w?rk?r? ??m?ng fr?m th?t ??untr?. In ????nd-?l??? th?t ???r w?? China, which ??nt a t?t?l ?f 11,077 w?rk?r? ?v?r ?n ?n H-1B v???; th??? numbers ?n?lud? ?ubm?????n? of v??? extensions which d?n’t??unt against the annual cap ?f 85,000 new H-1B visas. Al?? ?n 2014, 86% of th? t?t?l H1B v???? f?r technology firms was used t? hire IT ?r?f?????n?l? from Ind??. Th? ?nf?rm?t??n reveals that an l??n'?h?r? ?f v???? ???u?d f?r ??m?ut?r j?b? w?r? claimed b? Ind??n?. Wh?l? China, wh??h accounts for th? third largest immigrant gr?u? in the US, behind Mexico ?nd India, h?? used only 5% of H-1B v???? for computer ?r?f?????n?l?. With such a h?gh r?t? of H-1B v??? workers ??m?ng fr?m a single country, ?t’? r????n?bl? t? ?x???t th?t the topic becomes politically ?m??rt?nt between the U.S. ?nd Ind?? ?t t?m??. Recent increases t? H-1B visa f??? ???d b? ??m??n??? h?? some ?b??rv?r? w?nd?r?ng wh?th?r th??? f?? ?n?r????? ??uld stifle sales ?fAm?r???n exports to Ind??. New U.S. l?w? d?ubl?ng th? ?r??? ?f H-1B ???l???t??n? for ??m??n??? h??t?ng over 50 ?u?h employees ar? the b???? ?f a ??m?l??nt f?l?d by Ind?? with th?W?rld Trade Organization (WTO) in early M?r?h. Indo-American g?v?rnm?nt?l relations on th? H-1B issue ??uld ??nt?nu? t? degrade ?h?uld either ?f th? R??ubl???n ?r???d?nt??l n?m?n?? fr?nt-runn?r?, Donald Trump ?nd S?n. T?d Cruz (R-TX), ????nd to th? Wh?t?H?u??. Cruz ?? the lone sponsor ?f S.2394, the American Jobs F?r?t Act of 2015. Provisions of th?? b?ll ?r?v?nt n?n ?mm?gr?nt foreign ?tud?nt? from g??n?ng ?m?l??m?nt under the ??t??n?l ?r??t???l tr??n?ng (OPT) ?r?gr?m, wh??h ?ll?w? ?tud?nt? to remain in Am?r??? ?ft?r graduating t? g??n ?m?l??m?nt here, in ??m? cases f?r a little more th?n tw? years. In th? f?ll?f 2014, 22 percent ?f the 133,000 Indian ?tud?nt? studying ?n America w?r? ?m?l???d thr?ugh the OPT ?r?gr?m. India’s Chief Economic Adv???r Arv?nd Subramanian ?? th? l?t??t ?n al?ng l?n? ?f sane ?nd rational ????l? wh? had become ??n??rn?d w?th r?m?rk? m?d? by ??t?nt??l Republican nominee D?n?ld Trum?. Subr?m?n??n r???ntl? n?t?d h?w Trump’s avowal to f?ght th? H-1B visa ?r?gr?m, despite Trum?’?w?ll?ngn??? t? u?? such workers in h?? bu??n?????, ??uld do a gr??t deal ?f damage t? India’s ??rv????-l?d ?x??rt m?d?l. Ind??n g?v?rnm?nt officials believe that services-led ?x??rt? ??n r???h ?u?t??n?bl? gr?wth ?f up to 10 ??r??nt ?n th? coming ???r?.

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