India protest against US for the reformation of visa policy

Posted on: 18 Apr 2016  |   Tags: ,

The monopoly hike of price on H-1B visa by US suffered the Indian skilled professionals. The finance minister of India Mr. Arun jaitley has been disappointed on this issue. The hike of visa price is completely intentional and it is to targeting the Indian IT companies, said jaitley in the press conference.

This matter has been discussed between the the trade representative of US Michael from an and Indian finance minister Mr. Arun jaitley for the reformation of the policy under the agreement of tantalization. According to the agreement the Indian immigrants will lost the money they have paid for the social security if they would get back to India without getting the PR there.

Indian skilled workers have been given around $25 billion for the fund of social security in last ten years, but still they face difficulties to get the permanent resident from the US government. US is getting more benefits from the Indian workers rather than other immigrants but the Indian have to face more difficulties. The foreign workers from other countries like Belgium are getting more facilities providing only one million to the social securities.

Some interrogators said that Indian employees provide the huge amount to the social security system only to get the PR and citizenship. If they complete 40 quarters then they will able to get benefits from the system of social security.

New Delhi raised his voice for the hike of visa fee to an amount $4, 5000 on H-1B and L-1, which two are more familiar among the Indian skilled indivisuals. New Delhi has intimidated to focus this issue on world trade organization. Many software companies and the high skilled workers also support Delhi regarding the issue.

There are many Indian are work for American IT industries and help them to enhance their economy, So USA should take the necessary action for the reformation of current policy by which the bilateral tade and commerce relationship can be improved.

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