Hong Kong looking for Foreign Talent

This time, the news is from Hong Kong, that they are in need of talents outside their state because the population is decreasing due to various reasons. The world as of we know is evolving and growing rapidly. To compete in the race to be a better economy the states or the countries, governments have opened their doors to foreign talent with different offers and packages. Among them are Canada, Australia, but this time Hong Kong is looking for foreign talent with skills to help its city grow.

The state of Hong Kong is offering jobs and packages to get the attention of international talent in almost every field, including its mainland China. Professionals are required in different domains as their population is decreasing. Immigrants have an excellent opportunity to settle and have real earnings.

The chief of immigration operation Chan Kwak-ki announced that government is going to help overseas talented individuals and professional to come and work in Hong Kong including China. The rules and regulations of Visa for foreigners will be relaxed. People who will come following the immigration policy will be permitted to live for about two years. Previously it was one year, but now they have increased the tenure one year more.

Two schemes are being offered to the foreigners, Professional who come to the city of Hong Kong under these plans and earn about HK $2 million annual salaries will be given six years Visa with accordance to the policy.

Furthermore, Mr. Chan said that Government had started a new scheme that will allow foreign born to come to Hong Kong and have a PR status back to SAR. There are about 10000 students from outside the Hong Kong from the mainland of China who come to Hong Kong each year in the different institute for higher education. And in few cases students opt to live in Hong Kong even after studies. The Government wants to motivate the students, professionals to live in Honk Kong permanently.

The workforce is required and needs to be maintained otherwise there will be a major problem by 2018. Measures need to be taken and planned to keep the workforce appropriately. The primary cause of all this is reducing birth rate and an increase in the aging population. By 2018, the current population which is 3.8 million will be reduced to only 3.5 million. The department of labor and welfare has said that the situation will get worse and worse with time.

If you are looking for a place where you can learn and grow as an individual and collectively, then you should apply for Hong Kong, one of the best city in the modern world.

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