Here's how Indian Workers will be impacted by the Visa Curbs

The current nations to join the plethora of countries reviewing and making changes to their migration stance following the United States’ “Purchase American, employ American” policies are New Zealand and Australia. The prime minister of Australia, Mr. Malcom Turnbull has disclosed that the country is a country for migrants, but it must put its citizens first when it comes to employment opportunities. As has been noticed, a sizable portion of migrants from Australia come from the sub-continent of India. With the current law, permits issued by the Australian government would come in two flavors: one is a short-term entry valid for up to two years, and the other is a midterm permit valid for up to four years. A lot of people have perceived the new alterations in the permit policies as a disgrace to the government of India as the announcement came immediately the prime minister of Australia was done visiting India. In the course of his visit to India, the Australian prime minister met with his Indian counterpart, and they agreed to cooperate with the common goal of making their bilateral relationship even stronger. The opposing factions in India have viewed the move by the Australian government as an inability of the government of India to secure the interests of its citizens seeking for employment on foreign nations such as the United States and Australia. Asides Australia, countries like New Zealand have made their permit scheme for talented foreigners even stricter. Following the United States’ law to push firms to employ more American citizens, these nations are attempting to convince the general public the government has their best interest at heart. For instance, in New Zealand, the alterations would limit the number of foreigners that come into the nation for employment reasons. In Australia, however, the issuance of the 457 permit has been terminated. In its stead, the government has introduced two other permits and a stricter proficiency in English language requirement. The move by the Australian government does not bode well for India since it is one of the biggest gainers in the issuance of the 457 permit. The permit is responsible a fourth of applications. New reports have stated that the administration in Australia would review the effects of the new permit scheme given that it could hamper the ties between both nations. A representative for the Australian foreign affairs ministry disclosed that the administration is looking into how the new order could affect both countries.

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