Haiti Refugees Hoping for Immigration Extensions

Nationals of Haiti who started coming into the United States following the terrible earthquake that hit their country are now terrified of being viewed as easy targets. This fear is as a result of the current laws being passed by the administration of Donald Trump. With the new laws, except there is a directive given by the president that prolongs their stay in the country, then they just might be on their way out of the country back to Haiti in a matter of days. In the year 2010, around 60,000 nationals from Haiti came to the United States of America and were provided with impermanent residence and food. Among the asylum seekers from 2010 is a current resident of the United States of America, a little boy who came with his mother. The little boy is now a man and is faced with the risk of returning to the country he once ran away from seven years ago. Except, of course, the president goes back on his orders and prevents that. “We came into this world for one reason or the other. That is my ultimate belief,” a migrant from Haiti told reporters. Some migrants were barely kids when they first stepped foot in the United States. “I was like five or six years old when I came into the country. My mother brought us here, and she said we deserved a richer experience of life,” another migrant told reporters. Some migrants who came into the nation during that period were eventually given an impermanent status following the terrible natural disaster that hit Haiti. “One individual does not experience that difficulty that another person goes through,” a migrant said. The migrant now finds it difficult to come to terms with going back to his country of Haiti except Donald Trump puts a stop to his policies. “It’s almost like putting an individual in an arena where he has no idea what to do and expect him to pull through,” a migrant said. “We are helping out families who are going through stressful situations,” an attorney said. The attorney disclosed that around 60,000 Haiti nationals living across the nation are hopeless and have no direction whatsoever. “You have a chip on your shoulder now. You can be sent back to your home country at any time,” the attorney said. “They are not going to start hunting Haiti nationals and ship them back to the country. No, they won’t do that,” a migration official told reporters. “They are aware of their rights. They know where they are from. That won’t happen to them, I hope.”

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