H1-B Visa Not Expected to be a Hurdle for Indian Students

Posted on: 16 Apr 2017  |   Tags: H1B visa news , India immigration news , visa news for India ,

According to some experts, the intended prohibition to be placed on travel permits by the present administration of the United States, will not in any way hurt international students from the country of India. The experts are of the opinion that students from the country of India are still considered very valuable in the United States of America. This is because they are mostly proficient in well-advanced skills and expertise. Currently, there are policies being put in place to ensure that the requirements for them do not change significantly. “Students from India would continue to be hot cakes around the globe solely because they are steadily engaged in the process of developing their technical and advanced skills in different areas, even way beyond the scope of a Bachelor’s degree,” the head of a reputable institution in the United States told reporters in an interview. It seems However, it seems as though not all education administrators are on the same page with each other. A top official at an institution in the United States disagreed with the perception that some areas in the United States are no longer an appealing travel place for students from the sub-continent of India. He also noted that the United States is a forerunner in the area of innovation. Some institutions in the United States give support for students to move seamlessly from an academic program upon completion to a practical session coupled with the acquisition of an H-1B permit. “The department in this institution has tutored employees and lecturers who help students in applying for and getting their practical sessions. Our Institution of Engineering also conducts its career day ceremony annually.” “Our institution is right there at the top regarding innovation for two years running. That can be attributed to our dedication to making sure that students are provided with the right platform to succeed in all their endeavors as adults,” a professor of the institution told reporters. According to a poll carried out, the nation of India possesses the largest number of applications into systems running an engineering program for master’s students. They hold around 54.6%. The biggest increment came in the number of Indian students registering for the graduate level programs for the second year running. “The graduate students from India are an integral part of our learning community as they constitute the bulk of the students in the master’s program and also the post-doctorate program.”  

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